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Penitential Lobster

If you try to go anywhere near a Long John Silvers on Friday during Lent, you will experience considerable difficulty.  Let’s, just for a moment, pretend that eating LJS won’t immediately send your arteries into a state of shock.  I mean for real….When I walk in there, I immediately feel a thin coating of vaporized […]

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God Save The Queen–And Spotted Dick!

I love the English….Don’t you?  I mean, after all, they have been one of our strongest allies in matters of world affairs, and aside from that whole Revolutionary War thing, have been our closest friends.  Maggie Thatcher was the BOMB.  I so miss her.  And the Queen….Don’t let her fool you.  She looks like a […]

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Two Sweaty Teenage Boys, A Small Car, and a Long Road Trip

As most of you know, this weekend I had the opportunity to compete again in the Aetna Healthy Food Fight.  The winner won’t be announced until Monday or Tuesday, but that will be a whole ‘nother story.  This story is about actually getting to the fair, and cooking my dish. This year, the cookoff was […]

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