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There Is No Black And White In Politics

Okay, I am going to do the unthinkable today.  This is just me, and I am going to wax political. I am not going to talk about who is right and who is wrong, because nobody is. Not going to bash any group of people or any belief system, because they are all important. I […]

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Paying It Forward

I have a dear friend in need of medical care.  Please read the blog below. And help any way you can http://www.cookistry.com/2015/08/project-karma-and-cookbook-giveaway.html?m=1Karma in action… paying it forward

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Lost And Found

Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself. Since shortly after graduating from college in 1992, I have worked as a Human Resource professional.  I loved it. Everyone, including myself, always said I’d have been a great lawyer.  Drawn to the intense legal focus of the Human Resource profession, and the constant use of […]

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Gumbo, Graveyards, and Falling In Love

I’m back. Not from anywhere in particular, but here I am. I have missed you all as I have missed these pages on which I scribble my thoughts and my recipes. But for reasons that I’ll just call “life”, I have stayed away.   I was too busy doing not much of anything–too bored and apathetic […]

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My Granny was a babe

Four Birthdays and A Funeral

July 28th is a special day in my life….So many birthdays in my family.   My BFF Lance. My cousin Evan. My quasi-cousin Jennifer. And it was supposed to be the day my first born came into the world.  But he had his own ideas, and arrived two weeks early. But most notably, today is […]

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#GreekSummer Getaway–and a Giveaway

Anyone that’s read my blog for a minute knows that I love Greek food, so I was excited to have the opportunity to review Debbie Matenopoulos’new cookbook, It’s All Greek To Me… One of my best friends when I was growing up was Greek, and I spent many summer days at her home, watching her […]

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Gateau Chocolat Avec Deux Coulis

You Eat With Your Eyes First

It isn’t often that I write about my day job.  Not that being a Human Resource professional isn’t interesting—it is. Maybe even TOO interesting at times.  When the moon is full, I deal with so much crazy at work that I just want to go home and bake and write and forget about it. But […]

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Top Ten Ways You KNOW You’re a Texan

So, the top ten ways to know that you are a Texan are thus: 10.  It is February, you’re A/C is running. In fact, you’re A/C runs every day, except for 12 minutes in early January. 9.     You see a snake. Your first thought is whether it would make a better belt or […]

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Vampire Greg

The Skeleton in My Closet

  Below is my True Blood season 5 kick off post from 2012. Sunday I’ll share my post from 2013, and Monday look for a post to kick off this, the seventh and last season of the best vampire series ever. EVER. Don’t be surprised if you see funereal dishes show up. I’ll be in […]

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Rainbows, Queens and Fairies…….My Big Gay Blog Post

Since this is the start of Pride Month, and I am an ally, I am replaying this post from last June….   I am not out to offend anyone out there, gay straight or otherwise….I am just asking that we all treat everyone else with dignity and respect, despite our differing views on this (or […]

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