Bridezilla, The Teenage Girl, and Cupcakes

Have you ever watched Bridezilla?  Those girls are CRAZY!  I don’t know how most of them managed to find a mate.  Threat of physical harm or some other coercion must have been at play.  I guess it’s possible, but unlikely, that they were kind, civil ladies before they got engaged, then turned suddenly into the raving lunatics they appear to be on the show.  Maybe it’s just for show.  Anyway, I know one thing.  I wouldn’t make them any Wedding Cupcakes. 

Wedding Cupcake Tree

 Cupcakes are supposed to be fun.  Tiny little works of art in an edible medium.  They are supposed to remind you of a simpler time.  They are supposed to make you happy.  When I create cake or cupcakes for a friend/family member’s wedding, shower, or other celebration, I want them to be able to see and taste in the end result the joy that I feel while I am making them.  Love in every bite kind of thing.  This is why I usually prefer to bake for friends and family, or referrals. Here are some I made for cousin Ashley’s bridal shower and wedding…. 

Champagne Bubbles and Peridot Gems....

If I had to make cupcakes for Bridezilla, I am afraid the end result would be devoid of the joy and the love in every bite, so no thank you, Ms. ‘Zilla.  You can take your order to the large retailer up the street with the par-baked cupcakes.  Those are missin’ the love anyway. 

Another challenging cupcake customer is the Teenage girl.  Although she and Bridezilla look and sound alike at first, they are quite a different creature.  Because of her youth and inexperience, the Teenage girl is less able to relinquish creative control to the “artiste” in the beginning.  The Teenager has very specific ideas, and exacting demands, much like the Bridezilla.  She wants Swiss Buttercream frosting, in the exact color of her prom dress, with fondant something-or-others on top, and laser cut lattice cupcake wrappers, but only if they come in pink.  If the wrappers only come in white then she wants the frosting to match her shoes instead, and the frosting should be Royal Frosting, but then she doesn’t want fondant something-or-others, but rather she wants gumpaste thing-a-ma-jiggies.  Afterall, what is a girl who doesn’t know what she wants?  

But here is where the Teenage girl shows her true colors and is easily distinguishable from the Bridezilla:  the Teenager appreciates the end result, even if it isn’t exactly 4 inches high and 2.68 inches wide, like she wanted it.  In the end she sees the joy and the love you put into each cupcake, and she is happy.  And happy is what cupcakes are all about.

 This weekend, I got to make cupcakes for a friend’s daughter’s birthday.  Although she was nothing like the Teenage Diva mentioned above, she had a very specific design preference that time and materials would not allow me to complete.  I felt terrible, because who doesn’t want to make a girl happy on her birthday?  She weathered the design change with grace and seamlessness.  The end results were happy little cupcakes, and I hope she was too. 

Glittery Fondant Hearts, and Swiss Buttercream

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2 Comments on “Bridezilla, The Teenage Girl, and Cupcakes”

  1. Suzanne Banfield
    2011/10/10 at 7:55 pm #

    Your cupcakes look lovely.

    • 2011/10/11 at 10:08 am #

      Thanks Suzanne! I have lots of fun making them……

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