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Making Whoopie!

Pies…..Whoopie Pies.  But since I got your attention, you may as well read a little further, right?  Since you are here and all. In the Northeast, they are called Whoopie Pies.  The theory is that Amish cooks would spoon the dollops of leftover cake batter into little globs, and bake them to test the temperature […]

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Pumpkins, Punkins, and The Root Beer House

Definitions: Pumpkins–a member of the squash family; carved into Jack-O-Lanterns during Halloween, and baked into pies at Thanksgiving.  May be made into other delicious dishes, as below… Punkins–term of endearment, usually reserved for my kids, or anyone else’s kids, and sometimes people’s dogs.  Babies may be called punkin seeds, naturally. I don’t know why, but […]

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