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Going Bananas

Did you know that the three most popular fruits in the United States are the apple, the orange, and banana?  That is probably not a surprise.  But did you know that the banana plant is not actually a fruit tree?  The banana plant is technically classified as an herb, making it the largest fruit-bearing herb […]

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Bringing Out The Ham In Me

Show of hands…How many of you eat Ham for Easter? Yeah, me too.  A big, glazed, spiral sliced ham, served with creamed potatoes, green bean bundles, Seven Layer Salad, and deviled eggs.  Because that’s what is served in my parents’ home, and in their parents’ homes before them.  I love ham, I really do.  And […]

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The “A” List Sweetie

The problem with sweet potatoes is sometimes the sweet.  It isn’t that they are too sweet naturally, it’s that they seem to have been “typecast” as something that must be covered in sugary goo, syrup and marshmallows, or used as the basis for cakes, pies, and other sweets.  If the sweet potato were an actress, […]

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