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Fixin’ Cookies

I don’t buy much in the way of convenience food, so even when the pantry and fridge are bursting at the seams, my son is right when he says “Mooooom, there’s nothing to eat”–because although there may be 50 pounds of various meats in the fridge, and many assorted grains and veggies, he doesn’t cook. […]

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Elbows, Apples, and Pillows, and Other Names For Boobs

One of the things I have loved most about being a parent, and missed most as my babies got older, is the toddler vocabulary. Both of my kids called cupcakes “pupcakes”.  Spaghetti was “sketti” and “passketti”.  That thing you eat in the morning?  Breaktess, or brefftess, depending on whose kid was eating it. And it […]

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