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Top Ten Ways You KNOW You’re a Texan

So, the top ten ways to know that you are a Texan are thus: 10.  It is February, you’re A/C is running. In fact, you’re A/C runs every day, except for 12 minutes in early January. 9.     You see a snake. Your first thought is whether it would make a better belt or […]

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Breakfast On The Bar-B

Hello!  If you are linking to this page from Griffin’s Grub, don’t run off yet….There is another “Breakfast on the BBQ” recipe at the end of this post–a cinnamon roll cooked on the grill–and you can’t see it anywhere but here! I think. ***************************** Well, Y’all, I am doing it.  Breaking a vow.  I told […]

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Hoe Cakes Are Not What “Working Girls” Eat For Breakfast

Hoe Cakes, also called Johnny Cakes, are an old southern recipe, originating like so many great southern recipes did—from meager ingredients and improvisation born of the hardscrabble life of a slave.  The first recipes were most likely very basic—ground dried corn, maybe a bit of honey or molasses, and lard or fat drippings, cooked on […]

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